I haven’t written anything in a good while.

This is my first really prolonged period of zero creative output and it really gets you wondering about whether you were ever a “creative type”, whether it was actually just a hobby.

Whether “it” is gone.

Then, yesterday, I spent an hour with my son building Lego. The aim was to build something for each other. He built me this awesome robot:


I built him my version of a “Blacktron” ship:

photo 1

Yes, it took more than an hour.

The thing is, I have kept thinking about this ship. How it could be better, what lived up to my expectations, what failed. What I would improve on the next version. My son’s reaction to it.

I’ve thought about that ship all morning. Given it way more consideration than it deserves. The brain is buzzing with little plastic blocks.

It doesn’t matter whether it is writing, painting, music, or building bullshit-awesome lego: this is the essence of creativity. You have an idea and your desire that it find expression in the world suffocates your ability to do anything else.

It’s a great feeling. I’m glad it came back, even if – or perhaps especially because – it took the form of a kickarse Lego spaceship.

photo 2


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