Still here

It has been a while since I’ve posted here. So long in fact I’d forgotten my log in details.

Still alive, still kicking. Just finished a Grad Cert at uni that for some reason I decided I could do full time, while working full time, with three kids in the house (the youngest only 8 months).

That was… dumb.

So I’m tired, but enjoying my relaxing. I have a veritable well of story ideas as well.

Here’s the thing though. My writing isn’t good. At all.
Turns out a writing brain is very much like a muscle. Don’t exercise it and it gets flabby. That’s how I’m feeling now. Trying to rediscover words and their uses and the ways they can be used, bent, or discarded to convey your meaning.

I’m kind of excited by this too. It’s fun, and I’ve spent too much time at my desk doing stuff that isn’t anything approaching fun lately.


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