How long, the Beforedeath? — an update

I have criminally neglected this blog of late.

I have no excuse, other than to say I haven’t done anything much you’d find interesting.

However, yesterday I went to the Katharine Sussanah Pritchard Spec Fic Awards – even though my story – our beloved “How long, the Beforedeath?” – didn’t make the grade this year.

But an update! Last time I mentioned the story was here (if you exclude my 20,000 word rewrite), but thanks to the generous judge of the competition, who mentioned many, many stories that didn’t make the grade, I got a smidgen of feedback.

Steven Dedman mentioned “How Long, the Beforedeath?” as one of the pieces that started well, but ultimately failed to satisfy in its conclusion. Interestingly similar feedback to that received by Phill from my writing group (who you may remember sparked my 20k in 10 days challenge with the words “the end is where I started getting interested.”


Anyway – a rewrite may be on the cards!


2 Responses to How long, the Beforedeath? — an update

  1. Mark Welker says:

    I’m still alive and reading.

  2. Nice finding another KSP writer here. I was one before I moved back to Sweden. I trully hope you keep on writing online. And please read some of mine.

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