Day 10 – 20k in 10 days – FINISH!

Day 10:

Target: 20,000 words

Actual: 20,023 words

Done! Scraped over the line at 11:14pm (West Aust. time). Will now email it to Phill who will verify and let me out of my bet.

Completely shattered. Will reflect on this better in the morning and blog on some of the thoughts I have had about the process as a whole.

I’m pretty pleased though. The story – though written poorly in places – is cohesive and structurally reasonable.

May have to think up some kind of editing challenge next 🙂

Thanks for your support along the way folks!


6 Responses to Day 10 – 20k in 10 days – FINISH!

  1. Mark Welker says:

    Congrats Dan. A monumental effort.

  2. Nicole says:

    Yay Dan!
    We knew you could do it! (It was that twilight thing wasn’t it, told you great motivater!)
    Lets see how long it takes you to knock out a novel!

  3. phill says:

    I, Phill, do hereby confirm that Dan Simpson has completed the 20k in 10 days challenge set for him!

    Hell yeah mate, congratulations! Looking forward to sitting down and reading it on the weekend. 😀

  4. dansimpson says:

    Thanks guys. I appreciate it!
    It was a pretty frantic 10 days but rewarding as well.

    I find myself gazing lovingly at the pile of paper I’ve printed off…

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