Day 9 – 20k in 10 days

Day 9:

Target: 18,000 words

Actual: 16,870 words

Big day. Had two writing sessions for more than 3,500 words. Going to go to bed, get up early and do an hour before work and hopefully get up around the 18,000 mark. Then tomorrow night I’ll just have the 2,000 to do and I’m home.


In other news, the writing was quite good tonight. The story is structurally making a lot of sense. I’m a little worried that:

a. the resolution is coming together a little too matter-of-factly; and

b. that I am adding information that should have been alluded to much earlier.

But I guess these things can be fixed at second draft stage! (yes, I am currently filled with the misguided notion that the story has merit)


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