20k in 10 days: a new challenge

As hinted at in my last post, writing group member Phill (check out his awesome blog here) gave me some feedback that the end of the story was the point at which he got really interested. That got me thinking…

In order to get some writing chops back, I have committed to sprint a 20,000 word novella draft (based on my short story) to the finish line in ten days.

Yes, TEN days.

To create a false impetus to achieve this I bet Phill that should I manage the feat, he would be subjected to reading the resultant work. He agreed, and then came up with this zinger, should I fail:

As for your wager, here’s what I suggest:

  • You have to read Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer, and live tweet how great you think it is, using examples, as you do. 
  • You also have to post a POSITIVE review of it on your blog. >:
But I’m not stopping here! I put the word out on twitter that I’m looking for another 10 people to bet me that I couldn’t do it. There will be no penalty for the betters should I get to 20k – only Phill will be subjected to the resultant read should I succeed – but I will submit to any reasonable punishment should I fail.
Some wills and wonts:
I WILL spend money on people.
I WONT spend so much money my children wont be able to eat.
I WILL go naked in inappropriate places.
I WILL not cross dress.
I MAY cross dress if tequila is involved.
I WILL work for free.
I WILL sing.
I WILL ghost write.
I WONT father children.
That’s it . Now threaten me with something – I dare you! Post your penalties below!
My challenge will start 12:01am Saturday 11th June, and I will submit the 20,000 words to Phill by 11:59pm Monday 20th June. I’ll keep you updated as I go.

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