First draft finished!

So, the long awaited update…

There’s been a few delays and a lot of laziness, but it is finished, and I kind of like it (which is a bonus).


Last night I started with about 2/3 of a story at about 3,800 words. But I felt as if I was about 500 words away from finishing. The problem here of course, is that the beginning was waaaaay heavy.

But… I knew how to fix it! The last few weeks of stewing had not been pointless.

In the space of about two hours I cut the 3,800 down to 2,500 and then wrote it back up to 3,400. It has more stripping back to occur, but it is essentially there.


So to recap my process thus far:


Burst of writing.

Slower, less energized bursts of writing.

Hating the stuff I’ve written.

Dragging myself to write tiny sections.

Getting bogged down.

Leaving it.

Feeling guilty.

Stewing about it.

Coming back to it.

Finishing a draft.

Basking in the post-writing glow.


Where to from here?

Well, I give it 24 hours, then read it without a pen to see if it hangs together.

Then I give it a going over with a pen and re-draft it.

Then it goes to the ones I trust to give me honest feedback about my work (I’ll hopefully share some of their feedback next update).


Oh, yeah – it has a new, working title: “How long, the Beforedeath?”



One Response to First draft finished!

  1. Anthony says:

    Enjoyed this history of a story. Gutsy stuff. Sounds like an interesting read too!

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