Short story progress

Mixed feelings in tonight’s diary entry, which should make for a good blog post.

First the basic news: another 500 or so words poured into the thing – the official word count is exactly 1,500 words. As of two minutes ago.

The creative process is in full swing now. I spent a good part of the day looking forward to adding words to the story, even re-read what I had written and edited a bit. I’m excited by it.

To keep the thing ticking along what I normally do is throw myself some curveballs; just odd observations or character traits written into the story that stands apart from everything that has come before. I then try and write scenes that will allow these oddities to exist cohesively with the rest of the story.

It’s a way to keep my brain working on the story. Most of these “excursions” will be rubbish and ultimately junked, but what I’m looking for is just one fresh take on the scenario being played out.

I thought all of this prior to writing tonight. My thoughts after tonight’s wordage?

It was difficult tonight. the character I added in didn’t really work, and when you’re talking short fiction you have no room for poor characters – you barely have room for more than one strong character.

It was a struggle not to give up and try again tomorrow, mainly because I have the strong suspicion that this 500 words won’t make final draft. But I did it, and I’m glad I did it because the scene illuminates my theme, and my ideas for the piece.

It stands as a reminder of what I want in the story, and a challenge to write something better than tonight’s drivel.



So I guess I’m please with that. I better be, I missed Packed to the Rafters for it.


One Response to Short story progress

  1. Anthony says:

    A quest for freshness. Characters are interesting – I had my first cull recently, as you know. I knocked off a wife and daughter. Weird feeling – they were there from the start and in subsequent drafts but no reader will ever know anything about them (outside of my writing gp).

    By the way, your premise sounds captivating!

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