It’s not often I blog personal thoughts, but I’m going to share this, as much as a record for me as for you.

I had an intense working week where every day seemed simultaneously an eon, yet not long enough to get my work done. Every phone call I received required a half dozen calls or emails in response.  By Friday I was shattered.

Then I came home. Our kids were at their grandparents. It was about six o’clock.

I made myself a drink and went outside, where the heat of the day had had the edge taken off it, so it was warm but not uncomfortable. I sat in our cold water spa and looked west. The sun was just beginning to descend towards the coastline. It shone through the beautiful gum trees of the houses behind me, turning them green and brown and yellow.

There was no breeze. Everything, including me, seemed frozen in time.

There was no noise: no cars, no neighbours.

I drained my drink and put my head under the water.


It was just me. By myself. Quiet.


3 Responses to Serenity

  1. Ta Ma Duh I thought you was talking about that other Serenity, the Space Farin’ kind.

  2. Mark Welker says:

    Envious, very envious. There ain’t no sunset over the beach. In fact, there ain’t no beach at all.

  3. phill says:

    Mark me down as another envious body. All we’ve had lately is nights of sweat and foggy heads. Can’t wait for the cool change.

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