Dan Simpson – a work in progress

As a writer trying to make headway it’s not often I take the time to take stock of where I am up to: what I’ve achieved, what I’ve failed to achieve, or where I should be directing my energies in the future.

The last few years I’ve been living by the motto “Just Keep Writing.”

To some degree this has validity. I felt it was important to get writing fitness up – to develop the ability to churn out the words when I have to. I think I have achieved this.

But going forward, my next task is to focus. To pick a large project and bury myself in it. I’ve decided to take a novella I drafted for a NaNoWriMo a few years back and try and get it to publication quality.

Recently a unique opportunity came up for me: a good friend (and founding member of my writing group) Mark Welker asked if I would be interviewed for a “Work In Progress” series he is doing on his website, looking at newbie writers trying to make a name for themselves.

It couldn’t have come at a better time for me – I used the process to distill my thoughts about my efforts to date, and my goals for 2011 were formed as a direct result of talking these things through, both with Mark, and myself.*

Head to Mark’s excellent website to read up on where I think I’m at as an emerging writer by clicking here.


* Admittedly conversations with Mark are far more intelligent than those I have with myself


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