3rd Place “A Book’s Citation” by Nicole Waddilove

A Book’s Citation

By Nicole Waddilove

You creep in with bated breath

Eyes searching the gloom

Panic grows with every step

Skulking further into the room

You feel my compelling call

Nearer, nearer, heart rate rises

I have your mind enthralled

Tears spell at the crises

Wearily you turn on the light

And I’m waiting on the chair

Smile, relief it will be alright

Freeze, a footstep upon the stair

You pick me up with care

The door opens with a thud

She frowns, her eyes glare

Look away, notice all the mud

You should be cleaning that sty

Glancing down, pages turning

Bravely ask your mother why,

Reading she finds disconcerting?

Angrily she grabs and shoves

Till we enter through the door

Scattered are hats and gloves,

Clothes, books and more …

Darkly she puts me in my place

You sigh and mutter to yourself

Mother dearest, her steps retraced

Hurry, pull me from the shelves

A moment reading won’t matter

I absorb your attention, time has won

Till you hear clang and clatter

For dinner is cooked, served, done

You drop me on the bed and spin around

In a flurry clothes fly under the bed,

Lost things suddenly found,

Breathing deeply as you hear her tread

You know she’s come to check

But all you won’t to do is read

Dam it! Dam it all to heck!

She insists you must feed

I wait with anticipation

My plots in full flower

Bolt back in fascination

Curse it! You have to shower

Finally back into it we delve

Angels, demons, heroes, twits

The mother comes in at twelve

Not fair! Were up to the best bit

Door closes, light goes out

Scramble to find the torch

Reading fast, I begin to pout

As you jump from port to port

Relieved as you fall asleep

The silence slowly builds

Paragraphs you curtly sweep

Ignoring the underling guilds

I have a story to tell

Under all the action

I pray you read me well

And understand the prose attraction

Soon you’ll be done, let me be

But when finally I am put away

I hope you’ll come back to me

For, I have so much more to say

A Poem by Nicole


One Response to 3rd Place “A Book’s Citation” by Nicole Waddilove

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