Reverse Inspiration Challenge 3: “Book Love”

The theme is deceptively simple this time guys. Keen observers of my blog would have noticed the other day that I posted about my belated future shock when I downloaded my first eBooks.

It was so easy, and an enjoyable alternative way to read.

But it made me realise that my kids would probably never love paper books the way I do, because their exposure to them will be so greatly reduced. It feels wrong that my son won’t have a ratty, treasured collection of Batman under his bed.

I find it really interesting that as a (wannabe) writer, the thought of eBooks doesn’t worry me in the slightest, but as a reader it does.

The theme for this comp is that you show your love for books as artefacts! Do this by:

1. Writing a story where a book is central to the plot,

2. Writing a story with books as characters,

3. Write a poem about books.

Minimum word count is 500, maximum is 1,200 words.

Any genre! Submissions are accepted from around the world, and should be sent to dansimmo1 (at)

Writers of any standard are welcome to join in!

Along with the opportunity to have their story on my blog, their are two prizes (so far) up for grabs, chosen this time to fit the theme. They are both finely crafted examples of the book form. It also doesn’t hurt that the artists are incredibly talented Australian writers as well.

1. Sourdough and Other Stories, by Angela Slatter.

This beautiful book is one of two collections Slatter has put out this year.

You can find out more about Angela here, and about Sourdough and Other Stories here.

To see how Tartarus create their amazing books click here.

2. Glitter Rose, by Marianne de Pierres.

Published by the giant killing Twelfth Planet Press, Glitter Rose is a compact impressively pink hardcover containing beautiful artwork.

To find out more about Glitter Rose, click here.

To find out more about Marianne de Pierres click here.

3. The Arrival and Sketches from a Nameless Land, by Shaun Tan

This award winning wordless picture book has been lauded near and far, and has now been released in a special edition that includes a secondary book of sketches that were made over the course of The Arrival’s creation. Truly a remarkable piece of art.

Find out more about The Arrival here, and Shaun himself, here.

To see a copy of this special edition of the book, click here.






15 Responses to Reverse Inspiration Challenge 3: “Book Love”

  1. Nicole says:

    I like the idea of this compition. To be honest I think its just comfort thing. A lot of ‘hardcore’ readers would most likly prefer the tradtional paperbook to an eltronic book it seems so impersonal.

  2. Anthony says:

    Top work supporting writing, Daniel.

    I struggle to read long fiction electronically, give me the tactile form anytime 🙂

  3. Matthew says:

    Hmmmm…now I know I have to write for this contest. If it’s bout books then I’m all for it.

    Though I have to say I’m sorry but I’m all for the real deal. What if your ebook suddenly glitches and you loose all the books you paid for? I love holding the hard copy in my hand and knowing that it will be in my room when I leave my house. The only good application I see for this is if you want to travel and don’t want to take the book with you just in case. Aside from that, meh.

    • dansimpson says:

      As a hardcore bibliophile I agree Matthew. I get high off books: the weight of them, the smell, the artwork. But I’ve found my gateway drug for eBooks, and that is the graphic novel.

      I’ve never been a big comic book fan, but the opportunity to grab them on the cheap and store them easily is too good to resist – but only because I don’t afford comics the sacredness I do books. I realise a comic collector would feel the opposite.

      As I said, I think there’s room for both in my world, but I wonder what my kids will think of paper books.

      Get writing good sir!

      • Matthew says:

        Yes, bibliophile’s untie! I love to collect books, more so the ones that I enjoy greatly. To know I own a copy of what I’ve read and enjoy makes me happy, as I will one day hopefully pass on my collection to my children, if I ever have any. Though hardcover’s are my love, but if I have to settle with a trade paperback, not mass market, then I will.

        Well you responded to a comic book collector. I understand the notion as the issues can be expensive, so e-books will be good for that sort of thing. Although it be funny to try to get the writer and artist to sign your e-book instead of an actual copy. Now that I think bout it, we won’t be able to get signed copies any more if e-books replace everything, that sucks.

        Still, I’m not for it unless, well like I said, I want to take something with me while traveling and I do not want to damage the real copy. In the end though I think e-books may just be another thing real books live along side with. Now if we can find better ways of producing books then we’ll be in the clear, but sadly something that would help the cause has not hit it big yet.

        Still I understand where you’re coming from, we know of paper books, but as kids are being born into a world where everything will be digital, I think they will look at the old and just stare in confusion.

        Anyway I rambled on, take care!


  4. […] He’s giving away a copy of Sourdough and Other Stories, Marianne De Pierres’ Glitter Rose and The Arrival and Sketches from a Nameless Land by Shaun Tan. Go here! […]

  5. dansimpson says:

    Hi all,

    Angela has promised to sign the copy of “Sourdough and other Stories” that is being given away, which is just awesome. This book has got to be seen to be believed!

  6. Nicole says:

    Hmm so how do we send in our entrys? Is t to your email or fiction blog place…sorry i get easily confused. WHich is way E-books are way to complcted for me.

  7. dansimpson says:

    Hi Nicole – send it to my email: dansimmo1 (at)


  8. […] at the blog Fiction on Demand you can win a copy of Glitter Rose or the  beautiful edition Sourdough and other stories by […]

  9. […] folks – just the weekend left to write your flash fiction for my blog comp (full details here). Awesome books as prizes… BUT WAIT! THERE’S […]

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