Back to Back is a bad ass fact

Went down to the Katharine Sussanah Prichard Writers’ Centre today for the 2010 Speculative Fiction Awards. What a turn out. The little room was heaving with people out in the hall!

My story, “The Red Marble” was short listed and won a commendation. In 2009 my story “Those Days” came 2nd, so to continue my run with this great organisation was a real pleasure.

When I was briefly mentioned as being back for the second year in a row, my daughter gazed lovingly at me and said, “You must be really good Dad”.

That felt fantastic.

When we were leaving, she said, “So, Dad. Have you ever come first in a competition?”

Just like that, cut back to size.

Peter McAllister, of “Manthropology” fame judged the comp and was very interesting to talk to.

I also met fellow Commendee (is that a word?) Guy Salvidge. Guy’s story “The Remembery”, which I’ve since read, is excellent. I knew Guy back in the Curtin days and have also read his worthy first novel “The Kingdom of Four Rivers”. He’s a great emerging talent, and you can check out his stuff here.

Thanks KSP people – great fun as always!

(NB: the title of this post is a Red Hot Chilli Peppers quote, and in no way indicative of how I talk on the streets)


7 Responses to Back to Back is a bad ass fact

  1. guysalvidge says:

    My daughter isn’t quite old enough to question me like this, but she’s getting there (nearly 5). When I recently got a novel back from Fremantle Press, I was down in the dumps and she said ‘didn’t the lady like your story, Dad?’ I had to explain that no, basically she didn’t. That’s never an easy conversation…

  2. Amber Hunter says:

    Congratulations again, Dan! Keep working at it. I’m sure your first place isn’t far away.

    • dansimpson says:

      Thanks Amber. I’d settle for one of my pieces finding a print home somewhere…

      • Amber Hunter says:

        Have you tried submitting to L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future contest???

        The rules don’t say anything about exclusions from certain countries, just “void where prohibited by law”. So you should probably be able to send in an entry from Australia. Shoot them an email to ask, maybe?

        I would start sending submissions in every quarter if you haven’t been already.

  3. phill says:

    Third time lucky, eh Dan? Start writing now so you can secure the top spot! (and I can bask in reflected glory) 😀

  4. dansimpson says:

    Hey Amber,
    No I haven’t tried writers of the future. I’ll check it out.

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