Spec Fic Comp: Highly Commended 1

Ghylene Palmer’s steampunkish tract of a larger story wins her a copy of Angel Rising, by Dirk Flinthart. Find out more about Mr. Flinthart at his blog here.

Ghylene’s piece:

Here I am sitting on the deck of my beloved hunk of steel once again;  Captain of the DarkSigh back for another swing at sea.  As I step back into my sombre cabin, I embrace its familiar surroundings.  Hanging off the open closet door is my uniform calling for me like a needy mistress: “Put me on Jacob! You know you want to.  Stuck together day and night, week after week for six whole weeks.” I quickly look away, thinking it will help me forget this bitter sweet moment I am experiencing and all I see is my bunk which will be my saving grace during my time here.  I put my laptop down on the desk which is only a step away from the bunk and I throw myself down on the hard mattress hoping for some respite before my next shift.

I love the sea, I love being in charge and being the Captain but I also love my family and I miss them dearly whenever I arrive in Port.  I feel excited about the peace and tranquility of being alone without constant interruptions from the children or the nagging wife but I also feel nostalgic about leaving them behind for such a lengthy period of time and there is always that possibility of not making it back alive.  Matthew would most likely be walking by the time I fly back and Liliana will look even more like her beautiful, graceful mother.

Out here everyone depends on you as Captain to make the right decisions as anything can go wrong at anytime and cost us lives and let’s not forget the company’s millions of dollars.  My crew of ninety men and one woman whine about almost everything; too much training, not enough equipment in the gym, or slow internet connections but little do they know just how much responsibility falls on my shoulders should there be the tiniest of incidents on board of my DarkSigh.

I awaken from my slumber to find that it’s pitch black and we’re on the move. My second in command obviously did not need me for this task.  The uniform fits like a glove, a quick rinse of the face and I’m ready for duty.  As I step out onto the deck, I quickly notice how quiet it is – where is everyone?  I head towards the deck computers and there on the floor lies my friend and second in command disemboweled.  It quickly dawns on me that something horrific has taken place.  As I look up from his corpse, my reflexes are too slow when I notice a dark shadow and hear the sound of a blade slicing the air before…


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