Call for inspiration 3

Okay, calling for my next lot of inspiration:

Please post:

  1. A place you have always wanted to visit.
  2. A moment in history you’d like to see firsthand.
  3. An animal (other than the domesticated, “normal” pets we’ve all had) that you would like to own at some point in your life.

If someone has beaten you to replying, don’t be afraid to add yours too! I’m happy to do several pieces for each call for inspiration.

Thanks folks! (yes, I’m starting to believe their may be more than one person reading this)


12 Responses to Call for inspiration 3

  1. phill says:

    I don’t want to be the only person egging you on here, but it’s my coffee break, so I thought I might as well. (:

    1. India. About as far from the ‘culture’ here in Perth as you can possibly get.

    2. The Big Bang, or for a more human history related answer, the liberation of concentration camps.

    3. An owl. Owls are freaking awesome.

  2. dansimpson says:

    Challenge accepted! Thanks Phill.

    Anybody else?

  3. dansimpson says:

    Hey Phill. Took me 4 days – but I’ve posted my response “Ulooka”. Check it out and thanks again.

  4. thelittleone says:

    ok…can we still do this? if so…

    1. new york (cliched but true)

    2. anzac landing

    3. a lizard…


  5. dansimpson says:

    of course you can Lou! Standby for fiction…

  6. Elisa Simpson says:

    ok –
    1. Machu Pichu
    2. JFK shooting
    3. a panther


  7. Ghylene says:

    Obama inauguration or Moses parting the red sea (history or fiction??) LOL
    a polar bear

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