Call for inspiration 2

Okay folks – back again for another crack. Another random bookline I think, while I’m cutting my teeth on the concept.

If somebody could grab their favourite book, and give me the fifth last line, I’d greatly appreciate it.

And of course, reciprocate with prose!


7 Responses to Call for inspiration 2

  1. phill says:

    I couldn’t even begin to pick my favourite book, but I do have a pretty damn great book right next to me that will do. The fifth last line of The Cheese Monkeys by Chip Kidd is:

    ‘Which I thought was a little excessive–local news far from their locality.’

    Good luck! (:

  2. dansimpson says:

    Yikes! Thanks Phil. Talk about throwing down the gauntlet…

  3. Mark Welker says:

    Storm got your tongue Dan?

  4. dansimpson says:

    My electricity more like it… I’m one of the 30,000 without power.

    North Beach:
    Electricity is for the weak

  5. dansimpson says:

    See ‘Communication Gap’ Phill. That one pushed me. You ended up with about 850 words of writerly goodness.

    Enjoy. Please come again

  6. Elisa Simpson says:

    Australia, America, Bali, Brazil = A,A,B,B.
    Like a classic poem, like a pair of rhyming couplets.

    Eat, Pray, Love. Elizabeth Gilbert.

  7. dansimpson says:

    You’re story is ready Elisa – better late than never!

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